Calling (noun): a strong urge toward a particular way of life or career; a vocation.

Reinvention will help you navigate the tough questions needed to find and thrive in your calling.

If any of the following statements describe you, then reinvention is the ideal program!

  • What is the ideal role for me?
  • I'm sick of just having "a job". There has to be more to it.
  • I don't know where I'm supposed to be, but I know that I wasn't put on Earth to be where I am.
  • I've been doing one type of work for years! I even have a college degree in that area. Is it too late to pursue my calling?
  • Shouldn't I just wait for retirement to begin pursuing my calling seriously?
  • I've been laid off and want clarity on the next type of role to pursue.
  • There has always been this nagging feeling in my gut that I'm missing my calling.
  • I'm done with just going to work and coming home. I want something that gets me fired up everyday!

Reinvention: 4 Steps to Find Your Calling

  • Reinvention is comprised of three, 90-minute webinars (led by Dr. Bryan K. Williams)
  • The four key areas that will be explored are (What are my strengths?...What are my values?...How do I perform?...Where do I belong?)
  • Attending the webinars LIVE will be complimentary.
  • There will be no replays.
  • Recording of the sessions will be available for $99 (for all three webinars).
  • 1-on-1 coaching will be available at a reduced rate of $295/per 50 minute call or $595 for three calls.

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